DTS returns to India…and fell in love.

DTS returns to India…and fell in love.

We boarded a plane on April 20th to head across the world. To head out to see the faces we have not seen in years. The plane rides were long (8hrs and then another 10hrs) but completely worth it. The second we arrived at the orphanage the kiddos were lining the road and singing. “Welcome to our home. Welcome to our home. We’re so glad you are here….”

As we got out of the car they each handed us a flower…and we were done for…completely in love.

Seeing their faces and hearing their voices instantly reminded us why DocuTAP Serves matters. This is what life is about. Loving Others. This is why we are so thankful for the clinics that are joining us in making a difference in this world.





Meet Chadran.

I woke up the first morning and was drinking my coffee and Chadran sat next to me. We were just chatting about how he wants to be a professional football player when he grows up. He continued to tell me that he loves school, he loves learning English. Basic conversations with a kid. He was telling me all about his dreams and just his daily life.

And then I asked him “Do you have any siblings?”
He said “Yes, I have one big sister, Rachel. She saved my life.”
I was a little confused but with in a split second Chadran ran over to get a binder that Sister Celine keeps of the kids stories.
Chadran opened up the binder to “Their Page.”
My heart sank.
It was a newspaper article with two starving kids sitting on the floor.
Chadran looked at me without blinking an eye and said “My parents locked my sister and I in a room with nothing because they didn’t want us anymore. After 4 days the police found us and gave us to Sister Celine and… now we are here.”

…and now you are here.

My heart sank.
You are here sweet Chadran.
You are here at  The Lotus Home…being loved…being shown that you matter. Dreaming. Running. and being fed every day.
And I am so thankful that I got to meet you.


There are several stories like this. The point of this post is not to make you feel sad, or guilty, but to realize these kids are amazing. They are rising above the hardships. They are in an incredible home with an incredible “mom.” Sister Celine loves these kids with all her heart. She has dedicated her life to these 50+ orphans. She tells them daily that they matter. She provides love, laughter and even discipline.

And this is why I know DocuTAP Serves matters. When we got to see those faces and hear their stories it all became real. They are filled with joy. They are filled with laughter. They are filled with life and spirit. DocuTAP Serves is excited to continue to partner with this outstanding orphanage.

We are excited to take our team, employees, our clinics to come with us. To come and see the world that is out there. To come and see the difference YOU CAN MAKE with the Cents For Change Campaign and your donations and time.




Gretchen Shafer