DocuTAP Heads to Haiti

DocuTAP Heads to Haiti

“Part of my heart is still in Haiti.”

“It has changed the way I communicated with others. (my friends, my family and co-workers).”

“It got me thinking, what will I be known for?”


DocuTAP Serves recently took 5 of our employees down to Haiti for a week. A week they never will forget. We jumped off the plane and headed into the tiny village of Torbec. The mission for the week was to explore medical clinics, hospitals, a birthing center and an orphanage. However, we each experienced so much more than that. In one week we met doctors, nurses and kids that will forever remain in our hearts. We saw things. We smelt things that we never can explain. We experienced joy, laughter and heartache every single day.

It also lit a fire in our hearts. For years, DocuTAP has dreamed about growing our DocuTAP Serves division. After a week in Haiti we know God has a plan for this mission. We want to share our experience with you … and better yet … have you join us.

We spent the week with our partners at GoServ. They have an outstanding ministry that includes over 200+ orphans, a dental clinic, a medical clinic, a school, a farm and so much more. We spent majority of the week learning about the medical needs of kids in the center and the surrounding communities. We got the chance to just play and love on kids. We got the chance to see the new birthing center. We also had a chance to walk the streets and see some of the hardest living conditions ever.

Our team quickly realized that we have a lot to be thankful for and that there is definitely a way for us all to help others. Each day we realized the need for medical care, basic hygiene education, housing but also just love and support.

The story that hit each of us the most was the tour of the general hospital. First of all, we just got to take a tour of the hospital. I’m pretty sure OSHA would stop that tour asap in most of our worlds. Each room got harder and harder to walk thru. There were people laying on beds, one-after-the-other. No privacy. No separate rooms. Minimal care and no comfort. No air conditioner…that’s for sure.

We passed each bed and our hearts got heavier and heavier. Was this real life?

And then we met her. Rose Charline. She was a stunning little girl that I had met the week before. She was sitting up in her bed the week prior with a little smile on her face. She was waiting for a surgery and hoping that the doctors would talk to her parents soon. But for now…she was just waiting. She was filled with infection. She had typhoid. She had malaria. She was skin and bones…and she was beautiful.

But this week, she was not sitting up. She was lying down. Melting away. She still had no surgery. The doctors said maybe next week. The doctor was not sure what was wrong so they let her lay there. To be honest…she had minimal hope. We knelt down next to her bed. Looked in her eyes and said a prayer for her.

It hurt. It made a lot of us stop and think about our kids. Our hospital care? What would we do if she was in our clinics?

As we spoke with our director we asked if we could help. The mother said they had no money for medications so we all pitched in and agreed…we had to do something. So we paid a SMALL amount for her medications and hoped she got the surgery.

Rose Charlin will never know the impact she had on our team. We went back to our home that night and several of us cried. But several of us also realized… WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

The small amount of money we contributed to help her was what most of us would spend on a fancy dinner. As a team and a company DocuTAP is committed to making a difference to the lives of orphans, widows and the underprivileged. That is why we have launched our “cents for change” campaign. Several of our clinics are already joining us!

We want to personally thank each of you that has contributed to help Rose Charlin. Your monthly contributions helped provide comfort to a little girl. We want to also encourage each of you to join us on our “cents for change” campaign if you are not already. Just email us for more info.

Or better yet… come with us! We would love to have you join us on our next mission trip in August and September. Come join us on this amazing trip and you too can meet a Rose Charlin that will forever change your world.




Gretchen Shafer