Blessing #1: Meet Father and Son

Blessing #1: Meet Father and Son



Meet my friends from Haiti. I meet this father and son in October of 2016 just after the hurricane. They were living in the “home” you see in the first picture. No joke. The hurricane had crushed their home and this dad was doing all he could to provide for his son. Just like several of you do.

This dad had gathered up all the crumbled rock from his home he previously had. Placed it on the ground. Put a tarp over the rocks. Put a stick in the middle to keep the roof up. Then laid a blanket down and every night his son and him would crawl under this thatched roof and sleep. It was unimaginable.

As I climbed into their “home” I was completed overwhelmed. There was no way they were staying dry. I don’t even want to tell you about the spiders and other creatures that had to be living there. They only had a few pieces of clothing. One pillow. One toothbrush.

But the part I was overwhelmed about the most was … their hope.

This dad did EVERYTHING he could to keep his son safe and warm. To keep him dry and to provide for him the best that he could. As we stood there he simply shrugged and said “I hope to rebuild a home someday.”

So I came back and several of you asked about the trip. I told you the story of this father and son…and how it ripped my heart in pieces. You stepped up….and YOU BUILT HIS NEW HOUSE.

As I went back in February I got the chance to stop and see him and his new “HOME.” This time it was a real home…and it is because of YOU! YOU GUYS DID IT!!! Just look at his smile. I wish I could have taken all of you there to see him smile. To feel his hugs of gratitude. To have him give you the tour he gave me of his new home.

I tell you this story because that is the true meaning of Construction Christmas. We want to say thank you for giving. Thank you for trusting us and helping our friend. Thank you for letting us tell the stories and for listening. Thank you for contributing. We feel blessed to have amazing friends here that love our friends around the world.

Every year around the holiday season so many of you ask “WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?”…so here it is:

CONSTRUCTION CHRISTMAS is going to raise the bar this year! It is only $5500 to build a home similar to this one. A home that will provide a new life to a new family.

We are officially 30 days from the party and we plan to raise enough funds to help:
– Build several homes for families in Haiti.
– Help build a school in Africa (more to come on that story)
– And build amazing relationships with our friends around the world
– Tell you the stories of how YOU HAVE  CHANGED THEM.

SO LET’S GET STARTED! We have 30 days!!! Can we raise $10,000? $25,000? Heck, why not $50,000? Lets shoot for the moon.

Below is the link to donate. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

CONSTRUCTION CHRISTMAS is sure to be the best Christmas party yet.

Lets celebrate giving life and hope to all! Gosh I love this time of year!




Gretchen Shafer