5 | 7 | 10 Cents for Change

5 | 7 | 10 Cents for Change

Imagine if you could donate a nickel or a dime and change a life. That is the simple concept behind our “cents for change” campaign. Several of our clinics have joined us in making a difference throughout the world. It is as simple as signing up and agreeing to add 5 cents, 7 cents or 10 cents to each one of your encounters.

It sounds like a small amount but to those in need it could save a life. For example, did you know:

$700/ month can feed 50 kids at an orphanage in India.
$200 can provide an ambulance to the specialty hospital in Haiti.
$500 could provide financial support for medications or surgeries.
$5500 can build a WHOLE house for a family.

These small cents add up and make a huge impact. The best part about our cents for change program…We get to see and meet the faces of those you are helping. They are not just names. They are faces.

Fill out the form below and join our cents for change campaign and get your clinic on board! Lets start changing the world!